Stefan Manoli

From the Chairman.
It is with an extremely heavy heart that I must write this post about a member of our racing family, a team-mate, and a friend.
At Mallory today Stefan Manoli was involved in a racing incident which resulted in him passing away at the circuit.
Our chosen sport is dangerous, to quote a fellow racer “we all know the risks when we enter the holding bay, but no-one expects or deserves not to go home that evening”
Our thoughts are with his wife Shelley and daughter Natasha.
I would personally and on behalf of the BSSO committee like to thank you all for your messages of condolence and support, the circuit organisers, staff and Medics for their quick and professional actions, and the attending Police for their understanding, courtesy and speed.
From Dave Bristow.
Stef was one of our newest team members at Hornet Racing, his infectious enthusiasm for what he was starting out on made an “old campaigner” smile and remember some good feelings that often get lost in the years racing. He organized the food, made lovely coffee on his machine for the team and, it seemed the whole paddock! He listened carefully to help and instruction, implementing it straight away and he was good! His second only race meeting and midfield. Last night he was buzzing, he’d nearly managed to overtake Bob West! We heard about it at length that evening and I wish I could hear it again.
Stefan my friend, we will race again. Until then, God speed.