AGM Motions and proposals (Current Members Only)

Good afternoon members,
With this years AGM fast approaching deadline for Motion Proposals will be 28th November 2020 and should be forwarded in writing to David Delaney using email:
If any are received, these will then be displayed on this FB page for open discussion ahead of the AGM 5th December 2020.
When submitting a proposal, we kindly ask that the Motion be laid out as follows:
Proposer: Name & Membership number
Seconder: Name & Membership number
Proposal Header: What it refers to
Proposal Detail: Brief overview of why the change/introduction should be considered and the benefit it would provide to our sport.
Proposals for Regulation changes must also adhere to the ‘Spirit of the Class’ and be outlined in a manner not to bias or discriminate one marque of motor scooter over another.
As the proposer of a motion you may be asked to speak at the AGM to provide an overview of the detail. After that, the Chair will aim to allow equal for and against discussions from the floor before moving to a vote (members only). Please note, this process may alter due to video conferencing limitations.
All accepted motions will be introduced for the coming 2021 season.
David Delaney
BSSO Technical Chairman