Production Class Racing

The geared Production Class continues to form our most popular racing series along with the following benefits for new members:

The below sponsorship offer relates to riders who hold an ACU scooter race licence and are member of the BSSO.

You will require to refer to your ACU licence number to obtain any parts under the sponsorship scheme from the sources indicated.

New riders competing in this class pay £100 to the BSSO when applying for your BSSO membership so you can source the parts in this exclusive offer.

You will receive your £100 pounds back once you have entered your first meeting.
​The bond is not refundable if you do not race.

The following offers are available to competitors riding in the Production Class

Andy Francis Scooters

Andy Francis Scooters

Contact on 01228 675187 or Mobile 07779 035809


RB Exhaust at £190.00 (cost price) – available from Andy Francis Scooters.

2017 exhausts are now in stock. Andy Francis Scooters is also offering 15% off parts used for the Production Class.

Fixed price on the followiing parts:

  • Airstop tubes £5.50
  • Single fibre glass race seat £23.00
  • 19 t front sprockets £15
  • Pull down tensioner £30
  • Italiain gear selector £45
  • NISSIN COMPLETE Disc brake an venhill hose £235
  • PMT RACE TYRES Soft and medium compound £45
  • Fork Front brake cable Guide £5
  • Long throttle cables (complete with dry nipple) £5.50
  • Anthony Tambs Rewired Stator Plates TBC
  • The BGM /SCOOTOPIA / Rock oil and Anthony Tambs deals are supplied from me.


Scooter Centre Cologne are offering 15% discount off parts – at the moment contact Andy Francis Scooters.

Rock Oil

  • 2 stroke racing oil – available at subsidised price through Andy Francis Scooters.
    Rock Oil Synthesis £10 per litre.
  • Rock Oil 1litre ST90 gear oil £5.50.
  • Rock Oil will also be providing end of season prizes.


  • Extra Strong Rear Hubs at £35.00 each.
  • Fast Flow Fuel Taps at £6.00 each.

More parts in the pipeline, available through Andy Francis Scooters.

Tino Sacchi

Tino Sacchi will be providing the winners trophy for this class, a number of hoodies in various sizes & reduced prices on front/rear suspension parts, fast action throttles, gear linkage kits – these will be available through Andy Francis Scooters.

Contact on 01228 675187 or Mobile 07779 035809

PM Tuning

PM Tuning

PM Tuning will be offering 25% discount off Lambretta forks, 25% discount off rear suspension & 20% off carbon fibre body parts.

Contact on 01524 850800.

AF Rayspeed

AF Rayspeed

AF Rayspeed is giving substantial discount off RB20 kit & other racing parts as follows:

  • B 20 kit including head £240.00, if you require a Wosnner piston, the price will increase to £255.00.
  • AF 6 plate cartridge clutch £140.00.
  • Indian GP 200 gear box £110.00.
  • Dellorto VHSH 30mm carb including rubber & clips £130.00.
  • AF Race crank with 116mm rod £165.00.
  • Indian webs with RB116 rod £150.00.
  • Intermediate weight flywheel (2KG) £30.00.

All these part prices are inclusive of VAT but not shipping.

Contact Rayspeed on 01944 710693.



Ve UK will be providing the following items for the production class:


Mitas/Sava Race Tyres – available through VE (UK) at a significant sponsorship discount.

ENI Racing oils and lubricants – available through VE (UK) at a significant sponsorship discount.

Malossi performance parts – available through VE (UK) as shown below. Mazzucchelli competition crankshafts for either of the three models listed. NFK Signature exhaust (Vespa) – available through VE (UK)


  • Malossi 210 MHR Cylinder Kit £250.74
  • Mazzucchelli Competition Crankshaft £63.28
  • Malossi 30mm Carb kit with Manifold £135.57
  • Franspeed Left Hand exhaust £228.38


  • Malossi 166 Cylinder Kit £132.14
  • Mazzucchelli Competition Crankshaft £66.76
  • Malossi 30mm Carb kit with Manifold £143.28
  • Franspeed Left Hand exhaust £228.38

Small Frame Vespa

  • Malossi 135 MHR Cylinder Kit £225.11
  • Mazzucchelli Competition Crankshaft £89.06
  • Malossi 25mm Carb kit with Manifold £126.72
  • NFK Signature race exhaust £303.98

Clutches, gears, bearings, seals, gaskets, studs, ancillary items, are available at a significant sponsorship discount to all Vespa riders in the Production Class from VE (UK).

All items supplied at a sponsorship discount to encourage entrants in the production class.
VE (UK) will also supply a VE/Malossi prize voucher for the Production Class awards.
All prices shown include Vat. Goods can be sent by courier at small extra cost.

Contact VE (UK) on 0115 972 8367

Tony Haigh

Tony Haigh has offered to paint Production Class Scooters in 2 tone paint at the cost of £500.00.

Contact Tony on 07872 101400.

JB Fabrication

JB Fabrication offers 30% discount off paddock stands, work benches & engine stands.

Contact John on 07810 652929 / 01522 779118


Readspeed Lambretta Race Adjustable Rear Shock Absorber is a great solution for members looking to refine there existing suspension set, offering the following spec’s:

  • Rubber mounted bushings
  • Progressive spring
  • Knurl for rebound and compression damping showing soft -> hard
  • Adjustment for spring preload
  • CNC machined body, anodized

This is the perfect complement for BSSO riders entering the new “Production Class”, and can be purchased at a very low price of £100 from Readspeed.

Contact by telephone 01299 828037 (Please quote your BSSO membership Number)