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Race Results Update June 2017

Following on from the Snetterton meeting, here are the update race results. 2017 Bsso Championship Tables (Excel file) We accept that presenting an Excel file is not ideal, particularly for those of you browsing on a phone or tablet or who don’t have Excel software. The good news is our website developer is working on… Read More »

Croft/Mallory Park Results, April 2017.

Open the .pdf below to see the race results for these events held in April. 1: Croft, hosted by NEMCRC, Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 April, 2017. 2: Mallory Park, hosted by British Historic Racing, Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 April, 2017. Reulsts Update Croft/Mallory Results

Photos Spring 2017

A collection of photos from races, Spring 2017. Images © Lee Hollick Photography.

Our New Website

Hi all. We’re improving our website. We’ll be using this section to post BSSO related news. Race reports now have their own section, available here. Any questions can be sent to us from here. Thanks!

Mark Hullah

Bogie #28 Mark Hullah 1968 – 2015 Missed by many  

Jon Uffindell

Elbows Uffy #41 Jon Uffindell 1969 – 2013 Missed by many